Let’s Play Starshatter: The Gathering Storm – Entry 4 – Facing the Consequences?

Yay! Gun Kill!
Yay! Gun Kill!

Welcome back to the last entry in my Starshatter Let’s Play series, for now at least. Why am I putting on the brakes here? A few reasons. First, dying repeatedly isn’t very fun, and I think I either need more time with the game on my own to improve my skills, or to shelve it entirely, I’m not sure yet. Secondly, and the bigger problem I have, is that my pilot is facing no consequences for his actions. He loses ships repeatedly, it’s not clear if he even makes it back to base or not after ejecting, or IF he successfully ejected in the first place. One would think that after all the losses, this pilot would either have died or stripped of his pilot’s license and given a desk job. Not in Starshatter, however, as they just keep blitheringly moving you forward regardless of your personal performance. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere I missed, but this REALLY bugs me. In other sims when you fail, you have to do the same mission over again. This can have its own frustrations, but to me it’s a bit more believable. To have a pilot just fail repeatedly in a campaign like this just seems odd, and really takes me out of the game, you know? Therefore, this series will be shelved for a while, while I figure out what to do next. Thanks for watching, and enjoy the video!

Author: Brian Rubin

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