SGJ Podcast #269 – Holiday Buying Guide

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5 Responses

  1. Mr Robert E Ruppert says:

    Why in the world isn’t Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures doing better? Everyone in the podcast loved it. Brian rated it highly. I put in a positive review. Maybe the number of people who remember Star Flight or Star Control is shrinking too fast

  2. Mr Robert E Ruppert says:

    Well here is news from that developer:
    I am currently in the final stages of alpha testing on my next game, Settlers of Orion. It’s basically a board tile type game similiar to Settlers of Catan but with a space theme. I should have the game up on steam in the next 30 days and I am looking for a handful of players to do some beta testing for me. I will mostly be looking for feedback on the game mechanics, and of course any bugs that may come up.

  3. Smaug says:

    Maybe because it looks like it was released in 1997 not 2017.

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