Star Citizen Arena Commander – Multiplayer Mayhem (or Madness…)


A couple of weeks ago, I and other backers got access to the Star Citizen Arena Commander module, which has begun as a single player dogfight module with access to a few limited ships (in my case, the 300i and Hornet were compatible). After toying with it for a spell using mouse and keyboard, I decided to try to make a video using the gamepad, which I’ve been told is the best way to play the game. Not twenty minutes before I was set to record, I got an email saying I’d been rolled into the multiplayer portion of the alpha, as they’re slowly rolling out multiplayer for players so they can scale their servers. Well, of COURSE my video was now gonna be about multiplayer. ;) Please join me as I get my butt whipped (and so a small about of butt whipping of my own) against other pilots in Star Citizen, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Star Citizen Arena Commander – Multiplayer Mayhem (or Madness…)

  1. One thing jumped out at me … seeing the freaking joystick flailing around on the screen is really irritating. The joystick movement is quick and abrupt and doesn’t seem to mesh at all with the ship’s movement.

    1. Yeah, it is a bit sudden and jarring. Hopefully they’ll make that look more fluid as the game continues its development.

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