Spacing Out: Multiplayer is a F^&*ing Crutch

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  1. akinius says:

    I feel the same way. I rarely ever play multiplayer… notable examples in recent times include DayZ and, now, Arma III… but those are deliberate multiplayer games.

    When I buy a single player game, I want a damn single player game! The odds are excellent that I’ll never even start up multiplayer at all…

  2. tiagocc0 says:

    I might include a half assed multiplayer in my singleplayer game, as in to let people be able to play cooperatively if they want but I have no intentions of changing any part of the game in favor of multiplayer, nor make the experience more streamlined just so you can pass the turn faster (to make the multiplayer playable).

    I loved multiplayer when I played Doom and Quake, but I would always play cooperatively with friends on LAN.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Unreal Tournament all the way! :) And way, I’m fine with mutliplayer if its well-made and doesn’t take away from single player, otherwise don’t bother.

      • tiagocc0 says:

        I think it’s about how it’s advertised, for me I wouldn’t advertise multiplayer as a feature, rather I would explicitly tell what exactly it is, like adding a modding tool used by the developers as is, it probably wasn’t designed with easy-to-use in mind but it’s nice to have it, so you can play around, than never having it.

        Most games suffer from marketing issues, where they advertise features that they shouldn’t, it’s completely different to buy a game because it has multiplayer and you plan on playing it than buying a game because of singleplayer just to find out later that they have multiplayer with a big warning saying it’s there just for the lulz, like an eastern egg.

  3. Ben says:

    Wow, that’s the angriest post of all time! Nice!

    1. As questionable as some of their decisions are, you still have to give props to Blizzard for StarCraft II, which (teenaged-level-writing aside) has a tremendous single-player campaigns, and… well, the MP speaks for itself.

    2. Will you be doing a more thorough re-shredding of Endless Space? All you mention here is the AI, which, god, Endless Space is certainly not the first space 4x to feature less than stellar (pun) AI, and not all of them were failures.


    • Brian Rubin says:

      That’s one of the reasons I feel Blizzard is so successful, because they invest the time and energy into both single and multiplayer and it totally pays off. As for returning to Endless Space…[whine] oooohhhhh, do I have to?! [/whine] ;)


    Er… I mean, I totally agree.

  5. carllundstedt says:

    Amen! One of the worst offenders of this ‘single player is just the tutorial syndrome’ is a fantasy strat game called Dominions. One or the other guys…one or the other.
    (I kinda liked Endless Space. At least I knew what I was doing all the time. I knew what was going on and I’m generally terrible at Strat games so the crappy AI is lost on me. :) )

  6. doctorfrog says:

    This is one of those posts that should probably have waited a night or two before posting :\

  7. ChipRMonk says:

    I know I’ve felt this way a lot in the last few years. I wasted a good $100 on Battlefield 3, for example. That’s my fault, because I knew pretty much what it was, but I fooled myself into thinking I would play with people I knew from work. It never really happened, and I have no patience for internet arsehats. All I got was a good but very short single-player campaign.

    Now, if a game brags on its multi-player overly much, I just scratch it off my wanted game list entirely. In another few years, I fear I will only have indie games to play. I haz a sad. That’s the breaks, though. I may need a new hobby later in life. Heh.

  8. Grant says:

    Could not agree more!

    One of the reasons I think singleplayer gaming is suffering in the modern era is because, well, coding good AI is something of a talent, and is a lot of work compared to just letting some other human become your enemy. If you don’t know what you’re doing your game can look really shoddy. Best just to bolt in an off-the-shelf networking solution and let other people provide that gameplay experience. For me, this explains the glut of MOBAs and Multiplayer arena games like Hawken and all those many many variants on the same theme.

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