Starflight on the Genesis! OMG I’m So Happy!


My friends, I am in hog HEAVEN right now. Remember those pictures I took the other day of Starflight on a donated Sega Genesis? Well, the picture quality wasn’t great using the RF connector I received with the unit, so I went to my local game store and purchased a more traditional AV cable. I was so giddy as to how good it looked that I took what is likely the crudest video I’ve ever made for this site. I mean, I used my phone, but I was so excited! :) I gotta tell ya folks, I am REALLY not used to this version of the game, as I couldn’t even figure out how to MINE in my terrain vehicle. I reread through the manual last night so I’m ready to dive back in though. I cannot WAIT to play more of this, and am gonna see if I can find a away to record this directly to my PC from the Genesis without using an emulator (I wanna play on the real deal you guys). So stay tuned for more Genesis-based Starflight, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Starflight on the Genesis! OMG I’m So Happy!

  1. The sounds of the drill and music brings back so many great memories. Makes me want to go digging in my storage and play this game again. I guess I could play it on the emulator on my shield but it’s not the same as hooking up the console and cartridge.

  2. That’s such a great console conversion. I remember being annoyed with the mining at first but liking it more after getting used to it.

    Also make sure to upgrade your terrain vehicle early. That’s another new feature from the PC. The better mineral scanner makes a HUGE difference and you won’t want to touch down on an ice planet until you have the upgrade (forgot name).

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