Let’s Play AI War – Entry 2 – Gaining a Foothold

So Much Pew Pew!
So Much Pew Pew!

Welcome back to AI War my friends! In this installment, I start a new campaign without the benefit of a tutorial helping me out, and I am FREAKING. TERRIFIED. I get the feeling I need to be more aggressive than I usually am in strategy games, because the AI doesn’t really wait to try and kick my ass. Thankfully, I kinda realize this during the session and begin to play more aggressively, gaining another system in the process after kicking the AI out. The benefit is that I feel a tiny bit less terrified of this game at the end of the session than I was at the beginning, so yay me! Thanks for watching folks, and don’t hesitate to throw tips at me. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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