Jumpin’ Jehosaphat – Hailing Frequencies for 10/17/17

Get ‘Im! Go Go Go!

Howdy folks, and welcome to Tuesday! Sorry I didn’t write one of these yesterdays, just wasn’t in the headspace for it. I’d rather not do anything for y’all half-assed, you know? There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s start with the videos of the week that I’ve put up thus far.

First up, I spent some more time with Stable Orbit. I failed two stations in about ten minutes, because I either ran out of oxygen or money. The oxygen one was way worse. Anyway, on my THIRD attempt, I felt like I was actually getting a handle on things. I’m still running with only one crewmember, but that one crewmember has tons of oxygen, food, water and power, so hopefully after a few more research contracts I can add an additional habitat to bring in some friends for this one lone crewmember. Even though I don’t like building stuff, it’s really fun in this game.

I also spent some more time with Space Rangers HD. After winning my last mission, I take some time moving my valuables planetside so they won’t get destroyed on a station, then do just a boatload of missions. The latest one has me killing someone again, and I was hoping I’d get lucky and have someone else do the work, but nope, this guy killed me a few times. I then remembered that one can call other ships for help, so I am definitely gonna try that next time. I also spent time making videos of Morphite, Destination Ares and Starpoint Gemini Warlords, which will all go up later this week. I think I’ll be doing one more week of this grab-bag catch-up style of making content before I feel ready to go back to a game-of-the-week format. We’ll see.

Besides these, I got a lot of gaming in for myself this weekend as well. When the original STRAFE came out, I was really disappointed with it, but the developers have improved upon the game with the Millennium Edition. I then moved onto the second campaign mission in Dawn of Discovery, which is SO MUCH MORE INVOLVED than the first one, in a good way, I love how it’s a city builder with quests, and a REALLY good city builder to boot. I’m really glad I finally took the plunge on this one. Finally, I needed something violent, so I decided to load up BUTCHER (which is on sale today, by the way). This game is really, really difficult, but so, so fun I don’t mind dying repeatedly in it. I just get a bit farther each time, which is the whole point, isn’t it? :)

Tonight, after the podcast, I’ll probably play some mix of Helium Rain (to prep for next week’s podcast), Starpoint Gemini Warlords and LOGistICAL. Might so some Lord of the Rings Online too, but that might be for tomorrow when I have more time to kill in the evening. SPEAKING OF tonight’s podcast, I’ve some keys from the dev to give away, and no idea how to actually do that yet, so tune and see if you might win something. ;)

Alright, onto the news, of which there is a LOT:

See y’all tonight on the podcast!! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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