Skyjacker’s Kickstarter is Getting Down to the Wire

Skyjacker SOUNDTRACK Digital edition
Back the Game and Get This for Free! :)

As I write this, Skyjacker’s Kickstarter campaign has fifty-six hours left, and is only a teeny bit above fifty percent of their goal. This looks like an awesome game folks, so if you can back it, please do.

I mean, these guys are awesome (as evidenced in my VERY thorough Q&A with them), but they’re also generous. Check it out, if you back the game and it still doesn’t succeed, you’ll STILL get a copy of the soundtrack regardless. How awesome is that? If it does succeed, any backer who pledged over $100 will get even more goodies, like a T-Shirt and USB stick.

This is a game I’ve been VERY excited about, so if you can help ’em, again, I urge you to please do so. Thanks guys.

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Skyjacker’s Kickstarter is Getting Down to the Wire

  1. I’m in for a hundred at this point. Really hope they manage to pull off a miracle at the last minute because this looks like a ton of fun.

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