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I Love the Cell Shaded Look of The...What?...Oh, It's a Painting...

I Love the Cell Shaded Look of The…What?…Oh, It’s a Painting…

So appppppparently the space fighter combat add on thingy to Star Wars: The Old Republic launched an early-access version for subscribers, according to their website. Now I’ma gonna be honest here, I took a look at this thing when they first announced it and it looked like something of an afterthought to what appeared to be a seriously dying MMO, so I was all set to ignore it. However, a site reader wrote in and told me how not covering the game is a “big oversight on my part”, so here ya go. ;) Now, if any of y’all have tried it, let us know what’cha think, because I’m interested to know if this is just some lame copy of Star Conflict or if it’s a decent thingy in its own right. I look forward to hearing what y’all think.

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4 Responses

  1. aszurom says:

    Well, since SWTOR is free, our best option would be for you to install it and we can do a live stream from inside the game.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Sadly this isn’t available for free folks until next year, February I think I read.

  2. Stormwaltz says:

    It’s PvP-only and has no joystick support. While I’ve been playing SWTOR the last month, I’m probably never going to try this. :/

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