Hailing Frequencies Open – 4/11/17 – Many Bulleted Lists!

It’s Starting to Make Sense…

Hey friends, and welcome to Tuesday! I hope your week is going better than mine. I studied my ASSSSSS off for a CSS examination over the last two weeks, and got a 65% grade, wherein 75% is needed to pass. I am just sooo demoralized at the moment, I need to go home and kill something…or take my anger out on a game I hate, which is what I plan to do tonight on the podcast with Starfleet Academy!

Before I get to that though, I wanna talk about today’s video. After flailing around a bit in yesterday’s video, this is the video wherein After the Empire begins to make sense to me. It’s ultimately a wargame of territorial control, wherein you’re fighting off some territories while trying to conquer others using three different weapons (fleet, crypto, glory). As I was playing on normal difficulty, I noticed there were many territories that had no military ambitions, and were happy just to leave me be. I can’t imagine this is the case on higher difficulties, but I do plan to find out.

Last night I played a ton of Shadow Warrior 2 to get my aggression and stress out, and it worked beautifully. That game mixes gunplay with swordplay sooooooo fantastically. I also spent time with the game we’re talking about tonight, Starfleet Academy, which is an utter pile of crap. I actually failed a mission because I did what they told me to do in the objectives. They gave no hint on this “think for yourself” bullshit, nope, just, you failed, start over. Infuriating, like the entire game, really. I can barely imagine who enjoyed this crap. Star Trek gamers deserve better, which is what we’ll talk about tonight, among other things.

In news, there’s actually quite a bit, so here’s another bulleted list:

Now in deals, there’s also a ton of stuff, starting with this meaty Humble Intergalactic Bundle which includes a ton of spacey goodness such as Rebel Galaxy and Offworld Trading Company! I also was swamped yesterday, and didn’t have time to scour Steam’s weeklong deals, which include:

Steam also has Elite: Dangerous on sale as well, $20.09 for the base game, $40.19 for the entire kit and kaboodle.

In non-space games, there are a few deals I wanted to clue y’all in on:

That should do it for today! See y’all on the podcast tonight!

Author: Brian Rubin

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