Congrats to the Latest Greenlight Spacey Games

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  1. doctorfrog says:

    I clicked through on Dangerous. First screenshot I saw had a station model that appears to be lifted directly from Evochron: Mercenary. Kinda suspicious, unless StarWraith licensed away some of its models.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      It’s all this guy’s fault. ;) Actually I’m recalling asking about that to a dev, and they said there’s something of a pool of general use models that devs can use for their games out there somewhere, I think.

  2. Linh Ngo says:

    Thanks, Brian! I really appreciate the mention and the previous review. As for the station models, Dangerous and a number of other spacey games license the same ones from We do have unique custom-crafted models such as the stargates, some ships, and we are slowly replacing the stock ones with unique models when the revenues permit.

    Here’s a WIP (work in progress) video which shows the hugely improved visuals including 3D asteroid fields (50,000+ individual objects), tessellated planet surfaces, and more:

    The current game is complete and very playable (20+ hours easily), but we’re also planning to add a first-person shooter element where you can also take over ships in first-person. We’ll release via Steam Early Access. Look for Dangerous on the Steam store soon. :)

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