Steam Summer Sale 2017 Space Game Deals Guide

Bring on the Savings!

Welcome, my friends, to my quick and dirty guide to the best space game deals I could find on Steam. To curate this list, I first went through my own curation page, then the list of all the games I owned, and used the following criteria to choose the games below:

  • I had to enjoy it (or else why would I recommend it?)
  • A game had to be at its lowest historical price.
  • For a complete game, it had to offer what I felt was a combination of value, longevity and enjoyment
  • For an early access game, it had to offer a lot of fun and potential for even more fun down the line

With that said, here are what I feel are the best space game deals for the current Summer sale!

NameStatus (Early Access/Complete)PricePercentage SavedCoverage (If Applicable)
After the EmpireComplete$3.99-50% Let's Play After the Empire
Angels Fall FirstEarly Access$12.59-30%LAN Party Thursdays - Angels Fall First
ARM Planetary Prospectors Asteroid Resource MiningEarly Access$1.99-80% Space Game Junkie Podcast #141 - Planetary Prospectors A.R.M.
ASTROKILLEarly Access$4.99-50% Let's Preview ASTROKILL - Frenzied, Awesome Combat
AvorionEarly Access$14.39-20%SGJ Podcast #189 - Avorion
Battlevoid: HarbingerComplete$0.99-90% Let's Play Battlestation: Harbinger
Beyond SolComplete$2.74-75%Let's Play Beyond Sol
BossConstructorComplete$7.49-50%Let's Play BossConstructor
CashtronautsComplete$1.59-80% Let's Play Cashtronauts
CeresComplete$3.99-80% Let's Play Ceres
Concealed IntentComplete$4.94-67%Space Game Junkie Podcast #146 - Concealed Intent
Convicted GalaxyEarly Access$13.49-10% Convicted Galaxy - Fun 2.5D Times - Let's Preview
DefectComplete$7.49-50%Space Game Junkie Podcast #115 - Defect - Build It, Then Lose It
Distant Star: Revenant FleetComplete$2.49-75%Let's Play Distant Star: Revenant Fleet
DrifterEarly Access$8.99-25% Space Game Junkie Podcast #143 - Drifter
Drox OperativeComplete$4.99-75% Let's Play Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients (Complete)
Empyrion - Galactic SurvivalEarly Access$9.99-50%Let's Try Empyrion - Galactic Survival - A Fascinating Engine in Search of a Game
Evochron LegacyComplete$17.49-30%Let's Play Evochron Legacy
Flatspace IIkComplete$10.04-33%Let's Play Flatspace IIk
Galactic Civilizations IIIComplete$8.99-70% Let's Play Galactic Civilizations III
Halcyon 6: Starbase CommanderComplete$9.99 -50% Let's Play Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Interstellar RiftEarly Access$9.89-34% Let's Preview Interstellar Rift
Lightspeed FrontierEarly Access$10.04-33%SGJ Podcast #195 - Lightspeed Frontier
Nomad FleetComplete$2.49-75% Let's Play Nomad Fleet
Offworld Trading CompanyComplete$7.99-60% Viewer Volition - Offworld Trading Company
ORBComplete$0.49-90% SGJ Podcast #63: Getting Ornery with O.R.B.
PredestinationEarly Access$22.49-25% Predestination - Planetary Spacey Goodness
ReassemblyComplete$7.49-50%Reassembly Playlist
Rebel GalaxyComplete$5.99-70% Let's Play Rebel Galaxy
Rogue SystemEarly Access$8.99-70%Let's Preview Rogue System - Awesomely Detailed
RymdResaComplete$2.99-75% Let's Play RymdResa
Sol TraderComplete$4.99-75%Let's Play Sol Trader
Space Beast Terror FrightEarly Access$9.74-35% Multiplayer Madness - Space Beast Terror Fright (For Real This Time)
Space Pirates and Zombies 2Early Access$12.99-35% Space Game Junkie Podcast #160 - Space Pirates and Zombies 2
Star MerchantComplete$1.19-60% Let's Play Star Merchant
Star Nomad 2Complete$6.49-50% Let's Play Star Nomad 2
Star Ruler 2Complete$6.24-75% Let's Play Star Ruler 2
Stellar MonarchComplete$16.99-15% Let's Play Stellar Monarch
SuperCluster: VoidComplete$2.49-50%Let's Play SuperCluster: Void
Tachyon: The FringeComplete$2.49-75% Glory to the Gamepad - Tachyon Revisited
The ViceroyComplete$4.99-75% Let's Play the Viceroy
Unending GalaxyComplete$2.49-75% Let's Play Unending Galaxy
Void Destroyer 2Early Access$12.74-15% Void Destroyer 2 - A Fun, Open Sandbox - Let's Preview
VoidExpanseComplete$5.99-60%Let's Play VoidExpanse
X RebirthComplete$7.49-75% Let's Play X Rebirth
Xenoraid: The First Space WarComplete$2.99-70%Let's Preview Xenoraid - Bullet Hell Yeah!
Yargis - Space MeleeComplete$0.99-90% Multiplayer Madness - Yargis - Space Melee

Please hit me up below if you have any questions or feel I missed anything. Happy savings, and thanks for visiting! I hope y’all find this helpful!

Author: Brian Rubin

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    1. It’s not at its historically lowest price, or I would’ve included it.

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