Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! – Hailing Frequencies for 10/24/17


Hello my friends, and happy Tuesday! I’m working from home today to get my car worked on (it has an airbag recall, and I am NOT messing around with THAT). The upside is I get to spend all day with the kitties. The DOWNSIDE is it’s hitting 100 around here today and we have no air conditioning, so it is hooooootttttttt. It’s not super bad though, just gotta stay inside as much as possible.

Now let’s talk about videos of the week. So far we have the final two videos covering Stable Orbit (episodes four and five below). I really like this game a lot. It’s fun, streamlined and mostly make sense. What it needs is some better UI to tell the player what they’re doing wrong. For example, I build a second lab, thinking my three crewmembers could cycle back and forth between them. SADLY the game didn’t deign to inform me that I needed more crewmembers for the second lab, all the while assigning tasks to an inactive lab the entire time, so those contracts would fail. GAH, so frustrating. This is a minor speed bump, however, in my overall enjoyment of the game, so I highly suggest you check it out.

This morning we had a great podcast with the developer of Helium Rain, which is a game we’re all just GAGA over. Seriously, we luuurrrve it. The podcast was a ton of fun too, and you can see the video below. We’ll have the MP3 up later in the week.

As for non-blog gaming, the entirety of my weekend was taken up with, of all things, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. I saw it in my list of games and it just called to me. I mean it’s a good game, it takes up a lot of drive space, and I feel like I should finish it before buying the recent Grim Dawn expansion, so I played a LOT of Van Helsing. What a fun time. I play whatever the mecha/exo-suited character is called (Phlogistoneer I think) and it’s much fun, as he deals grenades, mines and missiles all over the damned place. I also spent a little time with…gasp…EVE Online. Why? It has a new update out with a nice to-do list called The Agency which can suggest missions right in your neighborhood. Way easier than how it was to find them before! I might play more of that tonight, not sure yet.

Alright, enough about me, let’s dive into the NEWS. Since there’s a lot, I’ll do a separate bullet list of patches, and hit the big stuff. Here goes!

Finally, in sales, a Halloween sale is approaching, so there’s not much in the Weeklongs, basically Empyrion and Battlevoid: Harbinger are the big ones.

Have a great day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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