Get the Entire Wing Commander Series for Around $12 on GOG Today

Die Kitty Die!
Die Kitty Die!

Y’all probably saw this, but just in case y’all missed it, GOG has the ENTIRE Wing Commander series (of PC games, obviously) for around $12. If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to dive in because this is an AMAZING deal for the amount of gameplay provided here. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Get the Entire Wing Commander Series for Around $12 on GOG Today

  1. Got it as soon as you announced it ! Gameplay and other elements, like behind-the-scene documentation on the whole series ! Great !

  2. Picked up WC1&2 from GoG a couple months ago, and just had time this week to replay WC 1. Ah, the memories!

    My 7 yr-old watched over my shoulder for a while, then said, “Dad, this is cool. Wasn’t that game you were working on a couple years ago going to be a cool space battle game like this one?” Jumpgate Evolution is still like a knife in my soul, and I have my son to twist it every now and then….

    1. I can’t really see how, from where I sit. It’s extremely rare in the game industry to see a project get revived once cancelled, and in all seriousness, the people who were really interested in making the project happen were the original NetDevil owners and some longtime employees like me. The company that bought NetDevil not only drove out the old owners but liquidated the development studio and laid off all the staff who had really been interested in the project for the project’s own sake. I think even most of the people they had kept have since left, since they really just needed more time to recognize that the company was not actually interested in creating good games.

      The closest thing that could happen is a new game, with some of the best ideas from the JGE or original Jumpgate projects. Keep your eye on Borderspace, or Stella Imperia. Those indie games are being made by teams who had some contact and knowledge of the original Jumpgate game, and have devs who at least beta-tested JGE briefly. I speak to the Borderspace team now and again as a resource, and also know the dev behind Stella Imperia.

      Furthermore, it’s not impossible that Proxima Centauri Games will start a similar project, though I want to stay out of the way of the two projects I have mentioned in the hope the come to fruition.

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