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Star Command Screenshot
Let’s Bring This to the PC and MAC! :)

It seems as if the spacey Kickstarter campaigns have slowed a bit, doesn’t it? I’ve not looked in a couple of weeks at this point, but I didn’t really find much new in the way of spacey games (and if I’m wrong in that, please correct me). That being said, there are some Kickstarter developments I did wanna share:

  • Skyjacker has 13 days left, and isn’t even at the halfway point for its funding goal. This looks like an awesome game folks, in our Q&A is any indication, so please give if you can.
  • Thanks to Richie over at PlaySF for this tip. Apparently the folks behind the amazing looking mobile space game Star Command have launched a second Kickstater campaign for PC and MAC versions of the game. YAAAAY!

If you know of another spacey game on Kickstarter that I should mention, please don’t hesitate to either reply to this post or contact me directly. Thanks!!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter Spacey Stuffness

    1. Hi there Justin, and welcome to the blog!! I know I speak for many folks when I say I am DAMNED excited to play your game, both on Android and now on the PC. :)

  1. I bumped up my contribution to Skyjacker and wow, Star Command looks really cool too. I may not have a house to live in, but I’m going to have some kickass games to play in my cardboard box.

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