EVE: Valkyrie Is Now Apparently a Thing, Coming in 2014

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5 Responses

  1. Fortitudo says:

    Bad ass!

  2. Wild_Bill says:

    Way interesting! It if works well it could be like a combination of the seat-of-you-pants piloting from JumpGate with the depth and involvement of EVE. This could be awesome. It could also be a massive balls-up-disaster. Only time will tell but I plan to keep an eye on it.

    • teeleton says:

      I doubt that Valkyrie and Eve will take place in the same realm. What happens to your first person dogfight experience when Time Dilation kicks in and everything starts moving in bullet time?

  3. Stormwaltz says:

    My excitement for this is purely abstract. I’m glad to get another space sim and I’m glad to see CCP doing something more actiony with their internet spaceships.

    On the other hand, I have precisely zero interest in the Oculus, and Valkyrie is sure to be a twitch-based multiplayer PvP title. I sucked at those *before* my reflexes got old and dodgy. :P

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