Whew, What a Week Y’all – Daily Dispatch for 2/1/19

Get ‘Em Lads!

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey folks, happy Friday as I write this on Wednesday. This has been a helluva week folks. From the surprise house guest to being three-to-four times busier at work to all the research I did for the podcast, this week has just been a MESS. I’ve been just so tired that I’ve not even had time to put one of these together. I mean, I’m writing this bit on Wednesday because I’m gonna chip away at this over the next couple of days (my time) until I release this on Friday (your time).

Today’s Video(s)

This week’s game of the week was Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II. This week I did the Imperium campaign, and I am having a blast you guys. This game gets me, you know why? Because I can put ships on autonomous control and just give them general targets so I don’t have to micro their every movement and skill usage. PERFECT for me, since I find I no longer seem to have the patience to move units one after the other. Not only all that, this game is meaty as heck, so yeah, great times! Next week we’ll continue with the Necron campaign!

This week’s podcast was a look back on how the games we’ve covered on the show are doing. The nice thing is that a large majority of games we’ve covered have been released, while many are are still in development. Thankfully only a minor amount of games appear abandoned.

Last night, Spaz and I tried the co-op of Dying Light. I’m really new to the game, and was stuck before we could do the co-op, so I began streaming so Spaz could guide me through a bit. Once we got rolling, I was shocked as to how much fun it was, so much so we lost two hours and I had no idea that much time had past. This game initially gave me motion sickness, but thankfully a lot of folks found settings (such as the widest field-of-view possible, turning on the crosshair, no motion blur, etc) that eliminated the motion sickness, and I had a blast. I’ll likely be playing this more on my own in the coming weeks.

Today’s News

There’s a boatload of news y’all, so I’m gonna break it up into the usual categories and just keep it simple:

Game Releases/Release Announcements

Developer Blogs/Entries

Major Game Updates/Patches

Minor Game Updates/Patches

Today’s Deal(s)

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins – Still loving this one. It’s so fun. I love running around and finding new places so I can clear them out of bad guys. While I have a ton of games to play, I just keep going back to this one, which is unusual for me. It’s basically chocolate for my brain.
  • Genesis Alpha One – Did the tutorial for this one in preparation for next week’s videos, and my GOD is it fun. And scary. But it’s great and I think y’all are gonna love it.

Well that’s it, and it’s a big one y’all. Thanks so much for slogging through this, have a lovely weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

Author: Brian Rubin

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