Contest: Draw Us Your Favorite Space Game, Win a Copy of S.P.A.Z.

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11 Responses

  1. Nack says:

    I’d do this, but I already own SPAZ…

  2. tiagocc0 says:

    I would have to buy crayons to participate. =D

  3. Timmaigh! says:

    Can you combine hand drawing with computer graphics ? Say i draw few spaceships battling, but then scan it and finish it in photoshop or something, mostly adding some kind of space background and stuff like that – its honestly annoying to colorize “space”….

    Seriously thinking about giving it a try, but this is important.

    The other thing, free access to SPAZ 2 beta would be way cooler than a code for the original game…:-) just saying.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Lemme think about it, but my first gut reaction is that kinda seems like cheating a bit. ;) I’ll sleep on it though. :)

      • Timmaigh! says:

        So, any decision made on the matter? :-P
        BTW, if anyone is allowed to do it by the rules, its definitely not cheating.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          If you can keep it to as much crayon as possible and keep the digital stuff to a minimum, that should be fine. :)

  4. aszurom says:

    I’d say digital is fine, so long as it’s indistinguishable from crayon :-)
    We could do an ms-paint version later.

  5. Nack says:

    Next time you have a post that has “click here for deets…” you should have the rest of the post in morse code.

  6. Timmaigh! says:

    OK then,

    i just managed to draw something :-O and i almost thought i would not be able to “force” myself to do that.
    But its black and white – does this need to be colored? I dont really have crayons nor any usable equipment to do it. And i dont really feel like doing it anyway…

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