Contest: Draw Us Your Favorite Space Game, Win a Copy of S.P.A.Z.

That's the Stuff...
That’s the Stuff…

Hey kids, as you may recall, the developers of Space Pirates and Zombies (and its recently announced sequel) were on our podcast recently, and we asked them if we could have some codes for the first game to use in a contest. Personally I always have a hard time coming up with ideas for contests like this, but in this case, Jim’s genius came through once again. ;)

If you would like to win one of ten Steam codes for Space Pirates and Zombies, then draw something that represents your favorite space game in crayon. It can be a ship, a scene, the box, a logo, but it has to be awesome and it has to be in crayon. Don’t worry if you can’t draw, that might help. ;) Once you’ve drawn and scanned it, please email it to with the subject line: SPAZ Crayon Contest Entry. If you don’t have a scanner, contact us at that same email address and I’ll give you a mailing address to send it to. The contest will run for one month, and all entries will need to be received by midnight, Eastern Time, on March 19th, 2014.

Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “Contest: Draw Us Your Favorite Space Game, Win a Copy of S.P.A.Z.

  1. Can you combine hand drawing with computer graphics ? Say i draw few spaceships battling, but then scan it and finish it in photoshop or something, mostly adding some kind of space background and stuff like that – its honestly annoying to colorize “space”….

    Seriously thinking about giving it a try, but this is important.

    The other thing, free access to SPAZ 2 beta would be way cooler than a code for the original game…:-) just saying.

    1. Lemme think about it, but my first gut reaction is that kinda seems like cheating a bit. ;) I’ll sleep on it though. :)

      1. So, any decision made on the matter? :-P
        BTW, if anyone is allowed to do it by the rules, its definitely not cheating.

        1. If you can keep it to as much crayon as possible and keep the digital stuff to a minimum, that should be fine. :)

  2. I’d say digital is fine, so long as it’s indistinguishable from crayon :-)
    We could do an ms-paint version later.

  3. Next time you have a post that has “click here for deets…” you should have the rest of the post in morse code.

  4. OK then,

    i just managed to draw something :-O and i almost thought i would not be able to “force” myself to do that.
    But its black and white – does this need to be colored? I dont really have crayons nor any usable equipment to do it. And i dont really feel like doing it anyway…

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