FYI: No Podcast This Week

By | 02/18/2014


Long-time listeners to our podcast might recall than when we started this shindig about a year ago, I was just getting over a cold and coughing a bit into the microphone. Well, guess what? ;) I’ve just come down with a seriously nasty cold, with a horribly hacking cough AND dizzy spells! YAY! Therefore I’ve decided to put off the podcast until next week so I can hopefully recover as much as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

On a related note, we’re still taking in letters for our write-in show next week, so if you haven’t yet, hit us up at with your questions, discussion topics, comments or whatever else, and we’ll read ’em on the show. :) Thanks guys, for everything! :)

One thought on “FYI: No Podcast This Week

  1. Nack

    I like the podcast, but your health is more important. Get sleep and orange juice, hope you feel better soon.


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