Let’s Play All Space Food Truck – Entry 1 – Gotta Find Them Onions

Working. Together.
Working. Together.

Welcome to Space Food Truck my friends! This is the first multiplayer Let’s Play I’ve ever done, and joining me is Eric, Becky and Trey from the community to take roles in the space food truck, as a multiplayer game needs four players to work. Eric ends up being captain, Becky is the scientist, Trey is the engineer and I end up being the chef. Each role has certain skills and specialties that they can do to help make the food truck profitable. In this first entry, we begin looking for the onions we need to make Starcakes, as there are three systems in the game that want a specific item. These guys have played the game quite a bit more than I have, so it’s a learning experience for all of us I think. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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