Let’s Play Klingon Academy – Entry 4 – So Sneaky, Much Tense

So Close I Can See Their Forehead Ridges!
So Close I Can See Their Forehead Ridges!

Welcome back to Klingon Academy!! In this installment, General Chang has tasked Torlek (my character) to undertake a REAL mission. In “Stirrings of Treason,” Torlek is given a Bird of Prey with an experimental listening system, and is ordered to sneak up to a covert meeting between the treacherous Melkor and his supporters in several other houses. I have to sneak the Bird of Prey within mere meters of the ship on which the meeting is taking place, while also avoiding sentries posted around the other ships. Stealth is one of the things I’m NOT very good at in games (my innate impatience doesn’t help), so I had quite the time trying to avoid detection. It’s honestly a nice change of pace, despite how tense it is. I honestly loved it, even though this mission was exhausting. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed playing the mission! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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