SGJ Podcast #03: Rogue System Q&A with Michael Juliano

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Welcome to episode 03 of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! While we will usually try to do one of these a week, this week you get two for the price of one! In this episode, we talk to Michael Juliano, the programmer behind Rogue System. He’s running a Kickstarter and we want to give him as much help as possible in its final two weeks, so we sat down and asked him all sorts of his questions about his background, his game, his Kickstarter and so on. Jim did most of the talking this time because I still have a cough and didn’t wanna cough all over the interview, sadly :/

Notes for the show are below the cut as always. If you have any quesitions or comments, please leave ’em in the comments below or on the forum. Don’t forget to follow us through RSS or iTunes, and thanks for listening. :)

Podcast #03 Show Notes

Kickstarters Mentioned

  • Elite Dangerous Kickstarter
  • Limit Theory Kickstarter
  • Rogue System Kickstarter
  • Star Citizen Kickstarter
  • Starlight Inception Kickstarter

Games Mentioned

Miscellanious Information

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