Let’s Try to Play Ares Rising – Entry 1 – Watching Sausage Being Made


Welcome to 1998’s Ares Rising, my friends! This game — the one and only from Imagine Studios — is an effort from former Origin staffers and Privateer team members, and you’re meant to play an indentured pilot in a future where corporations own the galaxy. I say “meant to” because this game gave me no end of trouble once I began recording. The weird thing is it worked FINE in previous tests. Anyway, in this entry, I spend a bunch of time trying to get the game to run, then do an initial training mission, and then have the game crash on me. Fun times! I’ll do the mission again off-camera so we can move onto the next entry.

I’m also using this to test out a ModMic 4.0 Omni, which sounds pretty good!

Author: Brian Rubin

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