Parkan 2 – Quirky, Buggy, and Awesome

Purplish Pew Pew!
Purplish Pew Pew!

In the mid aughts, I took a break from gaming for a year or two because, before then, I’d used it mostly for escapism. I stopped playing so I could face my demons and conquer them. Having pretty much done both through therapy, hard work and amazing support, I still didn’t feel a rush to return to gaming…until Parkan II appeared on GamersGate.  Parkan II is a quirky Russian space sim/first person shooter that is pretty damned amazing in a lot of ways. You can not only fly ships, but board them and steal them, conquer planets, take control of outposts and so on. It’s a very fun, quirky game that has a special place in my heart. Well, imagine my shock when the game appeared on Steam recently. I therefore figured I should make something of an introductory video for folks going “what the heck is this?” in order to help folks get just how awesome this game is. I was only planning on this one video at the moment, but if you’d like me to do more, just ask. :) Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

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