Infinite Space III: How to Explore a Whole Universe in No Time at All!

What a Busy Universe!
What a Busy Universe!

The Infinite Space games do something awesome. They take the massive scope of games like Starflight and Star Control II — with their exploration, discovery, combat and so on — and boil them down to the essentials, so you can have a similar experience in a fraction of the time. The first two games were a blast, and the third installment looks to be even more so. Check out my video of the recently released early access version below, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Infinite Space III: How to Explore a Whole Universe in No Time at All!

  1. I bought it on the weekend through Steam. Plays pretty much the same as the older games, did not run into anything novel so far. Clearly needs some more work.

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for the great video! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game, but you might do better if you check out the How to Play FAQ on the Steam forums. It covers things like fleeing from combat and how to effectively use Ripcord’s fighter ship! :)

    1. Hey Iikka, welcome, and thanks for the tips. Never would’ve though to look on Steam for an FAQ (hint hint). ;)

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