Some Weekend Deals for Y’all

Tons of Space Games on Sale!
Some Great Deals for Y’all!

Hey y’all, there are some great sales this weekend I wanted to let y’all know about!

First off, GOG is having a Strategy Supreme sale, which includes:

  • Conquest: Frontier Wars for $1.99 – This is the best deal of the entire weekend. If you enjoy RTS games, and don’t own this, GET IT. The soundtrack ALONE is worth it.
  • Fragile Allegiance for $1.79 – This is a pretty decent game too, and worth the price.
  • Star Wolves for $1.79 – Another pretty good deal, but this has been cheaper as part of bundles and such.
  • Spacecom for $7.99 – I’ve not yet to play this one so I can’t comments one way or another.

There are plenty of other excellent strategy titles here too, like the Total Annihilation, Etherlords and Blitzkrieg games as well. :)

Then, ShinyLoot is having a Best of Both Worlds sale with several spacey games, including:

  • Retrobooster for $9.00 – Good deal for a fairly newish game.
  • Really Big Sky for $1.50 – Excellent game for a nice low price.
  • Ring Runner for $2.50 – Good deal for a great game, but it might’ve been cheaper in bundles.

That’s it guys! Have a great weekend of cheap gaming, folks! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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