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Let’s Play Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles – Entry 5 – A Successful Mission

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series: Parkan Review

Welcome back to Parkan my friends! In this final entry, I take a non-combat mission and ACTUALLY COMPLETE IT! YAY! I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand, this would have BLOWN ME THE HELL AWAY in 1997. Seriously, it’s an impressive piece of work for its time. On the flip side, […]

Spacey Game Deals All Around!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

I typically don’t have time to post every sale on spacey games, but god DAMN there’s a ton of ’em right now, so I had to chime in so y’all didn’t miss any! ;) Here goes! First off, as part of Steam’s Weeklong Sales, we have some great deals such as: Parkan 2 for $0.99!!! Seriously […]