The Ultimate Sci-Fi Bundle from Bundlestars Launches

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

A Sale?! A SALE! Or a Bundle, at Least…

Hey folks, the folks at Bundlestars have launched a new bundle called The Ultimate Sci-Fi Bundle which includes a mixed bag of spacey and sci-fi games, including:

  • Great Games: Really Big Sky, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
  • Good Games: Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition
  • Terrible Games: Project Freedom
  • Games I’ve Not Played: Ion Assault, Data Jammers: FastForward, SpaceChemPlanets Under Attack

All that for $3.52 currently, which is a steal for the Great and Good games alone. ;) Enjoy!


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SGJ Podcast #02: Give Me a Ship and a Song to Steer Her By…

We Need a Better Logo...

We Need a Better Logo…

Hey everyone, welcome to episode #02 of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I try to become more streamlined and efficient (me especially), yet still discuss some news, some games, and our main topic, the best music from spacey games!

All the notes for the show are below, and feel free to comment on the show either here in the comments or on our forum. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget if you want to subscribe, you can use the icons in the sidebar on the left for our RSS feed or iTunes page. Thanks again! Continue reading “SGJ Podcast #02: Give Me a Ship and a Song to Steer Her By…” »


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Spacey Game News – 10/15/12

Newspaper Machines

Lots of News for Today’s Update!

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a great week ahead. To help things start off on a positive note, here’s today’s latest spacey game news!

  • In Kickstarter news, the ScrumbleShip Kickstarter has about 50 hours left as I write this, yet has made their funding goals. Yay! In less positive news however, the Blackspace kickstarter has three days left, yet isn’t even at 50% of their goals, so I implore you to check it out and, if you like what you see, kick ‘em something to help ‘em out. Remember, if you know of a spacey gamey Kickstarter I’ve not covered yet (has to be PC or Mac, FYI), please let me know.
  • The Blackspace folks also have a new post on their Kickstarter page explaining where the money they’ll get is going to.
  • According to Rock, Paper Shotgun, Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has already brought in $730,000 in crowdfunding. I plan on adding to that total soon my own self. ;) There’s also a great FAQ thread on their forums with a lot of info, and a great article on Gamasutra entitled, “Why Wing Commander‘s Chris Roberts turned to crowdfunding“.
  • In Nexus 2 news, their Kickstarter page has been updated with a note on ships and ship management. Secondly, and thanks to VidMaster for this tip, a fellow on YouTube named “The One Source of Truth” has a video entitled “Introduction to Nexus – Why we need Nexus 2 (Part 1)” which is pretty cool, and I’ll embed after the cut.
  • Also on YouTube is a new video from the M.O.R.E. folks showing their space battles module, which I’ll also embed after the cut. There’s also an update about it on their Kickstarter page if you’d like to learn more.
  • Over on the Ring Runner Kickstarter page, they have word of a new demo, which I am itching to try.
  • According to the EVE Online news page, Inferno 1.3 will be deployed tomorrow. The patch notes for the update are here.
  • The Rubicon website has screenshots of the release version (which is free, by the by) for your viewing pleasure.
  • The “Apply MkIII Sanding Machine” beta 5.093 patch has been released for AI War.
  • Eurogamer has an article detailing more about Minecraft creator Notch’s upcoming space hame 0x10c, which includes a video I’ll embed below. In speaking of landing on planets, Notch said, “The goal is to have it feel a bit like Firefly,” which TOTALLY has sold me. ;) Take my love, take my land…
  • On the Matrix Games forums discussing the as-yet-fully-announced expansion for Distant Worlds, Matrix’s Erik Rutins confirmed the inclusion of gravitic weapons, or “Tractor/Repulsor beams and singularity creation (though perhaps not in the way that you might expect).” What I EXPECT is to be able to create black holes, SIR. ;)
  • Over on Steam, updates for both Sword of the Stars II and Really Big Sky have been released.
That’s it for now! If more comes up I’ll update this post as I get it. Thanks guys, and have an awesome day!

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Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 10/12/12

News RSS Image

What? Look, I Know This Image is Stupid, But It’s Tough Finding Free Stock Images of ‘News’. :P

Hey y’all, happy Friday! I’d like to say this first week of daily news digests is going well! It’s keeping me focused on writing SOMETHING each day, and I hope it’s helping keep y’all informed as to all the spacey gamey goodness out there. Now with that said, let’s dive in:

  • Sol Trader has been updated with new AI traders, revised UI screens, and save/load functionality. Seems like a good time to try this little beauty, huh? I know I’m gonna.
  • According to a press release, the folks behind Iron Sky Invasion are using actors from the film — which I still need to see — in the game, which is pretty cool.
  • The folks behind Blackspace posted an update on their Kickstarter page talking about new reward add-ons.
  • Also on Kickstarter, the folks behind Ring Runner have announced a new award tier that allows users to help create a whole new skill for the game.
  • And in the final Kickstarter update, the folks behind M.O.R.E. have announced that their game has been fully funded. Congrats to them!!!
  • Paste Magazine has a great review of FTL up.

In today’s deals, we have a couple worth mentioning:

Thanks to Bryan for this tip! The folks at GetGames are having a Sci-Fi Sale which includes the following spacey games (which are all pretty good deals in my opinion):

In non-space-gamey news, Cliff Harris — the bloke behind Gratuitous Space Battles – announced that after many years, his game Diplomacy 2 is finally on Steam! Congrats Cliff! Finally, there are some fantastic spaceship paintings by Adrien Girod over on the Concepts Ships blog.

That’s it for now y’all! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

All those little dots are news stories...

It's a Supernova of News!!!

Heeeeelllo everyone, how y’all been? Me, I’ve been busy, not only with work, but with some articles for here as well, so a lot of news has happened in the interim. I’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s get started:

WHEW! That was a lot! Thanks for reading y’all, and have a great weekend!

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Lots of Spacey Gamey Deals on GamersGate!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Plenty of Spacey Games for Sale on GamersGate!

GamersGate has a ton of spacey game deals, including:

For my money, the best deals there are for Master of Orion II, Sword of the Stars Complete and Space Rangers 2: Reboot, but many of those are great games. Enjoy!!


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