Space Game News and Deals – 10/26/12

Stack of Newspapers

Plenty of News to End the Week :)

Hey y’all, happy Friday! The weekend is here, yay, and let me tell you, I plan to play a goodly amount of games to make up for the disasterbasket that was last weekend. As for newsies and dealsies, let’s jump in the deep end, shall we?

In deals news, the folks at DotEmu are having some kinda odd Strategy First sale thingy, but it has spacey games, including:

Finally, in non-gamey news, the Concept Ships blog has two great entries for us today, one from Daniel Graffenberger and one from Jeremiah Humphries.

That’s it for today folks! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Phillip says

    Minecraft is cool, which means I’ll probably buy anything that Notch makes, but that video just made me think of Quake 1 (1996) with bad graphics.

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