Independence War Games on Sale at GOG This Weekend

So. Pretty.
So. Pretty.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of news and what not this week, just been SWAMPED. I did wanna let y’all in on this one though, as this weekend GOG is having an Atari promo this weekend, and as part of it, the wonderful Independence War: Deluxe Edition and Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos are both on sale this weekend for a mere $2.39 each! That’s a freaking STEAL for these amazing games. If you’ve not played ’em, these are capital ship sims with Newtonian physics, the first being a linear military game and the second being a more open-ended piratey game. You can hear Jim and I gush about the second game in our podcast about it, and watch it below if you’d like. If you don’t own these, you need to, as they’re fantastic. :) Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Independence War Games on Sale at GOG This Weekend

  1. I grabbed both the last time they were on sale. I actually have my original IWar disks somewhere, too.

    I can’t get IWar2 to run decently, though; on my fairly beefy game machine it staggers along at ~2fps once the action starts.

        1. Weird, it’s run smooth as silk on several computers both with AMD and Nvidia cards. What are you running?

          1. i5 3570, Nvidia 750 ti, I think 4G RAM, hooked up to a 1080p tv.

            It’s a buff enough machine, runs lots of stuff well.

            1. That’s really weird. My last iteration of my PC was well slower than that, and it ran it just fine. I mean it’s a 13 year old game. Do you have any crazy antivirus software like Norton, for example?

              1. Nope. The thing is, lots of other stuff runs well; I get a sane framerate in most games.

                1. That’s so weird, and I’m not finding any easy solution either, in fact I’m not finding much mention of a frame rate issue at all. Are you using any mods?

  2. I’m running everything stock, no mods. It’s on a vanilla win7pro machine that’s kept up to date with security updates, no weird hardware or special drivers or “helper apps” or “widgets” or whatever people call the modern equivalent of TSRs. I only use the machine for gaming, so it has Steam, Desura, Firefox and a bunch of games.

    The strange thing is, I get a decent framerate in the in-bridge transitions, it’s only when the game is displaying space that it all goes pear shaped.

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