Star Crusader – Holy Crap What The Heckfire – Let’s Play Entry 12

Comin’ For Ya.

Welcome back to Star Crusader my friends! In this entry, a ton of stuff happens, good and bad. First off, we have several missions. The first, we have to take out an anti-matter drone before it destroys one of our big ships, which goes well. Then we have two missions involving some weird entity in a Bermuda Triangle of space, and I’m apparently able to contact this entity, but then I’m told to get the expansion pack, which was apparently never made. FINALLY, we’re led into a trap, and it gets crazy. Somehow the game gets really bugged this entry, with it crashing to DOSBox and losing joystick centering. It’s really weird. Overall though, this is getting crazy and I’m loving it, so I hope you enjoy this entry, and thank you for watching.

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2 Responses

  1. Allp84 says:

    I remember the expansion pack request. I was so bummed out I had to skip that

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