SGJ Podcast #05: Interview with Broken Crown Games

By | 03/21/2013
Titan Doesn't Look So Bad...

Titan Doesn’t Look So Bad…

Hey folks, sorry for the lateness of this week’s podcast. CRAZY week. That being said, this week Jim and I sat down with Asa Gillette, Chris Cheng and Tyler Yohe from Broken Crown Games about their Escaping Titan sourcebook Kickstarter, the game itself, and bunch of other random nonsense. ;)

We hope you enjoy it, and as always, and feel free to leave any comments or questions below or in the forum. Sorry for the shortness of this post, but I have to get back to doing all this work. Also, there are some more adult-oriented themes at the end of this one, so if you have kids in the room, be careful (the convo got a bit wonky, but hopefully funny). ;) Enjoy!

Episode #05 Show Notes

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2 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #05: Interview with Broken Crown Games

  1. Tyler Yohe

    haha, I really thought you’d have cut those last 15 minutes! I was cracking up listening to it. Thanks for having us on again Brian.

    1. Brian Rubin Post author

      Thank you for joining us, next time I plan to talk more. ;)


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