Let’s Play Unending Galaxy – Entry 3 – A Pirate’s Life for Me

Die Ye Scurvy Scum!
Die Ye Scurvy Scum!

Welcome back to Unending Galaxy my friends! In this entry, I try to tackle the opposite end of the spectrum from the last two entries, and that means PIRACY! YO HO HO! Here I choose the pirate captain starting scenario, which provides me with a nice battleship, two fighter escorts and a sizable bounty on my head. OMG SO MUCH FUN. I die a few times but I cause some fun damage to the Federation scum that declared war on me right at the outset of the game. GREAT TIMES MY FRIENDS! Seriously, I had a ton of fun with this scenario, and I hope you have as much fun watching as I did playing. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Unending Galaxy – Entry 3 – A Pirate’s Life for Me

  1. Oh wow, its done by anarkis. I always loved his pirate mods he did for the X series and fleet ones. Loved and hated him because of his name. Yes i had a hippy mother, and she named me arrakis.
    I knew he was working on that but lost track of time. Ill definitely have to check it out more now.

  2. I liked that scenario. Had a grin on my face as I was listening to your maniac laughter as you sold the passengers as slaves >_> Well done!

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