Let’s Play StarDrive 2: Sector Zero – Entry 5 – Money Makes the Universe Go ‘Round


Welcome back to This Entry of StarDrive 2 my friends! In this final entry, I try to get my finances in order and pretty much fail miserably, but it’s fun to try. This new DLC does make the game, I feel, more enjoyable, and it’s definitely worth your time if you enjoyed the base game. If you didn’t enjoy the base game, I’m not entirely sure if this will pull you back, but overall it does a good job of fleshing the game out and making it more fun, for me at least. I was kind of indifferent to the game, but now I’m more on the positive end after playing this DLC. It’s not lighting my world on fire, but it’s a bigger spark than before, which is awesome. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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