Let’s Play Unending Galaxy – Entry 2 – Cleaning Up and Taking Over

Take That Pie Rat Base!

Take That Pie Rat Base!

Welcome back to Unending Galaxy my friends! In this second entry, I stick with the Lost Fleet in order to help them gain a stronger foothold in their new galaxy. A bunch of stuff happens as a result! For example, I deal with a nearby pirate base, expand our empire a little bit with the help of some great automation, and explore the map a little bit, meeting with and making a non-aggression treaty with the federation. It’s a pretty fun entry covering a very fun game, so I hope you enjoy this entry, and thank you for watching!

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  1. SpaceEnthusiast says:

    Can’t help but notice some of these models are identical to the ones in AI War.

    Is there a public domain resource for space game models or something?

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