Let’s Play Starshatter: The Gathering Storm – Entry 1 – Flailing About

Take THAT You Dastardly Mine!
Take THAT You Dastardly Mine!

A little while back, we had a podcast in which we discussed Space Warfare: Infinite, an upcoming space combat game with a dynamic campaign. This got me to thinking on Starshatter, one of the very few space sims with a dynamic campaign, and one that I’ve never spent too much time with because it’s a more serious, militaristic type of sim that I pretty much suck at. ;) The more I thought about Starshatter, however, the more I realized I should give it another chance and really dive into its militaristic dynamic campaigns. This is where this first video finds us today, at the beginning of the first campaign after completing some rudimentary training. As you can see, I might need just a bit more. ;) Thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Starshatter: The Gathering Storm – Entry 1 – Flailing About

  1. Hi It’s Mike! Thanks for making this video – I like the HUD elements and the ability to give orders on the map – pretty cool. Looks pretty insanely hard – I couldn’t quite tell who was killing you! The fact that you can change your attack group pre-mission and it opens up a list of mission available for the campaign is pretty cool. Much less linear than what most people are used to. I look forward to more videos on this if you end up doing more. Very interesting stuff.

  2. Nice stuff, but personally you gotta play past the fighter state, and get into a bigger ship , then do a play through, its way more fun, and captures the feel better….

    My personal opinion, this game isn’t half bad at all.

  3. I bought this on release and loved it but yeah, it’s really a b****h. I didn’t know it became open source and there are graphic enhancements. Thanks for the memories Brian! I still have my originals discs but I think I’ll got to Hard Light Productions and d/l this.

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