Let’s Play Stellaris – Entry 6 – Starting Fresh

Lookit my Little Empire. SO CUTE.
Lookit my Little Empire. SO CUTE.

Welcome back to Stellaris my friends! In the last week of entries, you might recall I got bottled up by three neighbors, to the point where I couldn’t really expand any further. I had to decide whether to continue with that game, or create a new one. After talking to some folks in the community and thinking on it long and hard, I decided to go with my instinct as a gamer and start fresh with a new race in a new galaxy. This time I’m going completely against my comfort zone, creating a militaristic, slave-friendly race that hates pretty much all other species. This is gonna be fun! In this entry, I do what one expects one to do in the first part of a 4X, explore and expand. Sadly I’m late to the party with colony ships, so no fun there yet, stupidly on my part, but it’ll be fun regardless!

Author: Brian Rubin

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