Let’s Play Eterium – Entry 2 – Starting and Stopping

Mine Beachballs!!!
Mine Beachballs!!!

Hello, and welcome back to Eterium! With news that this game will be getting new content-based DLC, I’ve decided to jump back in and continue on with the the campaign. In this video we have two or three missions (which I can’t find the names of in the game itself, so I’m not sure what they’re called) in which we escort some ships and attack an enemy mining platform. Check it out, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Eterium – Entry 2 – Starting and Stopping

  1. Thanks for doing another Eterium video! You can find the mission names in the lower right corner while on the ship (before starting the mission). Also the DLC is very close to release. I’ve completed all the missions and I’m now testing it, it’s a lot of a fun!

    As far as the stopping bug, I watched the video carefully and it does not appear to be related to match speed as you were not using match speed at all in that battle. Your throttle somehow got set to 0 just as you entered combat and the only reason you were moving was because you were firing afterburners. Would it be helpful if there is some warning indicator that you have your throttle set to zero when in combat?

    Oh and the Alexandria (destroyer you were escorting) was carrying torpedoes, that’s who was taking out those freighters. The freighter’s armor is actually pretty thin a dumbfire missile or two would take them out.

    I’d advise carry dumbfire missiles for any mission where you expect to face a freighter or other capship. Later in the game you’ll be facing a larger number of capships, so you might want to get in the habit of always carrying some dumbfires just in case. FYI: Dumbfire missiles are about 12x stronger than FF missiles; Seeker missiles are about 50% stronger than FF missiles; Torpedoes are the strongest being the equivalent of just over 3 dumbfire missiles (torpedoes require a lock and track and can only be carried by the heavy fighter). Hope that helps you take out those capships.

    1. Dumbfire missiles, got it. And yeah, no idea why I kept stopping, but some alert that one isn’t moving would likely be helpful. :) Thanks for chiming in man, and I totally plan to do more of these. :)

  2. Eterium looks so enticing but I need to wait until next month to buy it. I’ve bought/supported many or most of the indie space games (except for those that are turn based since I hate turn based gameplay). Since I live on a fixed income I have to budget everything… Hopefully July will be the month I can afford this one since it looks exactly like the type of game i love to play.

    1. Welcome to the comments XenaZon! I’m not sure if you know but Eterium is on sale on the Steam Summer Sale right now. https://store.steampowered.com/app/280200/ It’s worth checking in every so often to see if it goes on a daily sale or a flash sale, if you can fit it in your budget. :)

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