Let’s Play Centauri Sector – Entry 1 – Boots on the Ground

Eat Laser Death, Pie Rats!
Eat Laser Death, Pie Rats!

Welcome to this first entry in my Let’s Play series covering the tactical shootey tower defensey game, Centauri Sector by LW Games. In this game, you’re tasked with protecting your once-peaceful system from increasingly threatening pirate incursions and, on a turn based map, move your fleet to various engagements in order to defeat your enemies, keep system morale up, and gain prestige with which to improve your ship and your fleet. When you move your fleet to an engagement on the map, the game switches to a real-time shooter of sorts, in which you can control your ship’s power output for maximum effectiveness (one hopes). There are also ground defense missions, the first of which I encounter here. This, along with prestige gained by fleet action, allows me to improve my ship, get promoted (which lets you pick a skill), gain a fleet mate and so on. These are early days, so stay tuned and see how the fight for the solar system progresses over the next several days. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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