Let’s Play Sword of the Stars – Entry 2 – More Like ASS-Teroids, Amirite?!

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Yup, Already in Last Place...

Yup, Already in Last Place…

Welcome back to Sword of the Stars my friends! In this entry, a bunch of stuff that I put into motion in the last entry comes to a head. First off, I sent a fleet of eight destroyers to tangle with an NPC asteroid base I discovered. They got slaughtered in pretty short order. I might send another fleet to tangle with it, but it’s unlikely, as according to the wiki those things have dreadnaught-class armor and such, so I need some bigger guns before going back after it. I also colonized a bunch of new worlds, yay! I’m still trying to figure out the intricacies of population growth and the like, but I’m having a blast so far. I should not have waited nearly ten years to play this game.

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  1. Mr.Mayhem says:

    Games Awesome! One of my favorites. Been playing it for years.

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