Let’s Play Sword of the Stars – Entry 3 – Fighting for a Foothold


Welcome back to Sword of the Stars my friends! In this entry, I apparently met the Liir and one of their leaders, Silent Scream! They whip the ASS of one of my fleets in this system I REALLY want, Pi3 Ononis. I then build a pretty big fleet to tear them up, but they’re gone by the time I get back. Unfortunately a Von Neumann device is above the planet, and lays waste to my colonizers. Thankfully the rest of my fleet — mostly on their own as I was looking up what the hell a Von Neumann device was — slayed ’em and left the planet open for colonization. It’s cool to see the AI competent enough to do its job without me micromanaging it. I really liked that. Overall this game, so far, is pretty damned amazing, and I’m still kicking myself for not having played it sooner.

Author: Brian Rubin

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