Let’s Play Sword of the Stars – Entry 1 – Pounding New Ground

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Such a Pretty Map...

Such a Pretty Map…

Welcome to Sword of the Stars my friends! This is a game everyone has told me I need to play, as it came out whilst I was on a gaming hiatus, so I totally missed it when it was originally released! I’m now trying to correct that problem, so after skimming the manual, and with friend-of-the-podcast Paul’s legendary Wiki at my side, I’m diving into this rather unique entry into the space 4X field. In this entry, I select the Tarkas race (since they’re apparently solid for beginners like me) and start making my way across the galaxy. I colonize a few planets and build several fleets, and actually lose a fleet to some asteroid base that I hope to clean up in the next entry! Stay tuned!

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  1. Ben says:

    “Pounding new ground.” I see… I see what you did there.

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