Birth of the Federation – Such a Slog – Let’s Play Entry 4

Hi Romulans!

Welcome back to Birth of the Federation my friends! In this entry, the Klingons ask me to declare war on the Ferengi, so I do. The Ferengi then sue for peace, which I accept. Then the Ferengi ask me to declare war against the Klingons. I laugh. And laugh some more, because c’mon game. I rejected that one because I wanted to stay cordial with everyone. Oh, and we finally met the Romulans somehow, yay! The Feds asked me for even more money, but hell, I said no. I then used a colony ship to terraform every planet in a system I own, which doesn’t use up the colony ship at all. That seems like an exploit to me. Still pretty bored, but hey, only one entry left. Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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