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Hey guys, check this out. Awesome Let’s Players Das24680 and Larry Monte have coordinated a collaborative Let’s Play of Distant Worlds: Universe. This has both them and other guests taking a year of game time to play the game their own way, and it’s been pretty damned entertaining. I was therefore honored to be asked to take a year my own self later in the game (eighteen years in, to be specific). For this series, as I’m not as an experienced player of the game as I’d like to be, I role played some low-level cabinet functionary being thrust into the role of Emperor against his will due to a crisis elsewhere (for reference).

Well, for this first video, I was given the wrong save game file and played the same year that had been played previously, year 17:

Thankfully, once the flubup was discovered, I was sent the correct save game, and was able to play the correct year, in which I screw all kinds of things up:

I hope you enjoy these and watch the entire series. Thanks for watching!


Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Distant Worlds Collaborative Project Videos

  1. Hey, congrats on being invited to the fun.

    I’m watching that series, but am hopelessly far behind. It’s been good so far, as one might expect with Das & Larry.

    1. Thanks, had a great time with it, also catching up on the series my own self.

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