Let’s Play Space Bucks – Entry 5 – A Fascinating Challenge


Welcome back to Space Bucks my friends! In this entry, I fall further and further behind the competition, as I watch the AI just blow past me in terms of overall company value and profit. That’s okay though, because I feel like it’s a learning experience. I watch the AI kick my ass, and I wanna learn how to beat it, you know? Even on the beginning level they were pretty aggressive, which I appreciated. What I need is a manual and a strategy guide, if they made one, because this game demands learning. I felt like I played much of this in the dark due to a fairly inadequate tutorial and lack of a manual, but even so, even with the overwhelming feeling of spinning so many plates at once. I had a good time with this. I could see this being a very appealing game to those with the mindset for it, as it offers quite a bit of challenge and variety. I mean, I didn’t have to try to expand as much as I did, I could’ve spent money on improving fewer planets, or sabotaging my competitors. Regardless, I honestly really liked this game, and I definitely will play more in the future. Thanks for watching this series my friends, and I’ll see you next  with Blue Planet!

Author: Brian Rubin

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