Let’s Play Blue Planet – Entry 1 – Unexpected

What the Hell? Shivans?!
What the Hell? Shivans?!

Welcome to Blue Planet my friends! This is a mod for Freespace 2 Open that takes place several years after the Freespace 2 campaign. Upon finding a way back to Earth, our battlegroup returns and finds things are not at all what we expected. In this entry I do two missions, the first being, “A Blue Planet,” wherein our flight does recon around Earth itself. The second mission, “The Dragon Awakes,” kind of goes how you might expect with a name like that, but still, it’s fairly chilling. This game is doing a great job of creating atmosphere and tension, and coupled with really good writing and voice acting, I’m finding myself really drawn into what’s happening, as well as the people things are happening to. Well done, mod. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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