Let’s Play Space Bucks – Entry 4 – Optimizing Profit

Makin' My Money Work for Me!
Makin’ My Money Work for Me!

Welcome back to Space Bucks my friends! In this entry, I acquire one more planet to my little business empire, but it doesn’t help me fall behind into fourth place, competitively. The other companies are maximizing their profits better than me, and have risen their prices to the maximum, which I’ve not yet done. I also try something new, which gives me better profit. There’s an interesting option to not allow a ship to complete a run until it’s full, which prevents wasted cargo run legs with lost profit. I find that it definitely helps my profits, and eventually set all of my ships to do the same, helping increase profit further. It’s also interesting to see how the AI has expanded. While I’ve tried to keep my little empire connected from one system to the next, these guys have small, random two-planet groupings here and there, which looks odd but hey, likely maximizes profits in the long run. That would mean shipyards would need to be build somewhere I suppose, which seems wasteful. Anyway, definitely feeling more confident about the game now, and really enjoying my time with it.

Author: Brian Rubin

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