Let’s Play Nomad Fleet – Entry 5 – The Final Big Boss Battle


Welcome back to Nomad Fleet my friends! In this final entry, I make it allllllllll the way to the ancient hyperspace gate at the end of the sector, and juuuust as I’m preparing to jump out, an alien mothership appears and blocks my path. Because of course it does. This game is fairly fun, if not a little odd. It’s got some quirks to it, but overall I had a really fun time. The real highlight is watching the AI work, especially your own. It’s pretty smart, and it has to be because the commands you can give it are fairly limited, so it has to be able to do a lot on its own. Thankfully it’s up to the task. Overall, if you want something of a roguelike Homeworldy experience, this would fit the bill.

Author: Brian Rubin

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