Let’s Play Tharsis – Entry 2 – Yay Cannibalism?

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Tryin' to Fix Things...

Tryin’ to Fix Things…

Welcome back to Tharsis my friends! In this mission I actually make it a bit further than before, but at the cost of my crew becoming cannibals. This is a tough game to wrap my head around, but I think I’m getting there? Maybe? The amount of plates spinning at once — ship health, crew health, hazards, etc — is kind of throwing me for a loop, but I think I can make it if I keep trying. The question is, do I want to keep trying? Part of me doesn’t, because of this ongoing anxiety issue. The game is just tiring me out, and not in a fun, sexy way. More like in a stressful way. The crew feels stress, and outside the game world, I feel it too. Ugh.

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