Let’s Play Ceres – Entries 1, 1a and 1b – Getting Stuck and Feeling Free

Pew Pew Pew
Pew Pew Pew

Welcome to Ceres my friends! Ceres is an interesting mix of gameplay types. It has the 3D controlness of Homeworld, the RPG quirkiness of the Star Wolves games and the tactical proclivities of Starfleet Command. It takes place in a ruined solar system in which Earth is long gone, and humanity is spread across the system. You enter this world a lone spaceship pilot, whether a bounty hunter or a pilot, with no idea what’s in store from you. This entry is actually three specific videos because I ran into some odd issues with this one, and decided to stick with it.

In this particular entry, I’m to investigate the loss of contact to a mining outpost, and gain two wingmen/women along the way. However, eventually my ship got stuck on the model of the space station and wouldn’t move at all. I mean, at all. Very frustrating, to be truthful. This game launched with quite a bit of bugs, so I ended this particular entry waiting for patches.

In this continuation of the first entry of Ceres, I return to the same game after it receives a patch that deals with my issue, being stuck to a space station. While it appears that my ship is unstuck, my ships don’t move regardless. In emailing with the developer, I found that this was ultimately my fault. Apparently this was because my throttle wasn’t engaged. What? Ugh, I’m so stupid. Finally, let’s make some progress.

In this finally video FINALLY, the game worked! YAY! The ships flew and fought and finished the initial mission of the game, wherein now we have a new AI buddy, Ceres, who wants us to help it (her?) find other AIs so they can fix the wormhole to the SOL system. This is finally getting fun! Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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